Eric Lindblad: Head of Boeing's 737 program retires prematurely


Boeing executive Eric Lindblad, in charge of the troubling 737 aircraft program, retires less than a year in office. That said the head of the airliner division, Kevin McAllister, on Thursday in a letter to the employees.

The 737 series has brought the American group after two crashes of the latest series Max in a serious crisis. During the disasters in October 2018 in Indonesia and in March 2019 in Ethiopia, a total of 346 people were killed. Since then, the Boeing 737 Max model has been banned worldwide.

Whether there is a connection between the calamities and Lindblad's departure is unclear. According to McAllister's memo, the 57-year-old had expressed a desire to retire last year. Lindblad has been with Boeing for 34 years Show chart and was in charge of the 737 program started in August 2018, His post is to take over with Mark Jenks another longtime Boeing manager.


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