Erick Thohir Reveals 9 Types of Jobs Will Disappear by 2030, Here’s the List: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Minister of SOEs Eric Thohir reveal the types of jobs that will disappear by 2030. According to him, these types of jobs are disappearing as digitalization progresses.

“Studies in 3 countries, America, Germany and Australia, show that all of these countries will lose jobs compared to those that are growing. In America alone, 6.1 million will be lost,” he said during a public lecture at the Indonesian Education University (UPI) which was broadcast online, Tuesday. (21/5/2022).

Minister Erick added that now is the era of economic growth based on capabilities rather than human resources (HR). So it is not only the infrastructure that is built, but the people are also built to have the ability.

“This is the era when we build a knowledge base economy, namely economic growth based on human capabilities. Don’t let the infrastructure exist, the people don’t exist,” he explained.

The following are nine types of jobs that will be lost in 2030 according to Erick Thohir in his presentation material:

1. Food preparation service personnel

2. Office administration staff

3. Transportation service personnel

4. Non-auto manufacturing production force

5. Construction and extraction

6. Tradisional farming, fishing and forestry

7. Sales and related field

8. Social media manager

9. Security services

He also said that 17 million new jobs were needed for technology-based ones. “Everything will be technology, want education, want agriculture, want mining, we will launch 5G mining 5G mining at Freeport in the next one or two months, this will be the first in Southeast Asia,” he said.

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In addition to conveying the types of jobs that will be lost, Minister Erick also conveyed the talent needs in the future, including:

1. Data scientist dan analyst

2. Artificial intelligence expert

3. Software dan game developer

4. Analis big data

5. Block chain developer

6. Market research

7. Digital marketing

8. Biotechnology

9. Digital content (Youtuber, Tiktok)

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