Ernest Prakasa’s Reason for Dismissing His Son from School, Touching the Cost of Pages all

JAKARTA, – filmmakers and comics Ernest Prakasa decided to dismiss his son, Snow Auror Arashi from school.

Ernest apparently had his own reasons why he took that step.

When contacted, Wednesday (7/29/2020), Ernest said, Snow was less able to follow the online learning system that was implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Yes, he quit school, right. So, like this, he is still in kindergarten A, right? Since he has been studying at home from home, there is an online class, so he doesn’t like it,” Ernest said.

“He seems reluctant, anyway, it’s really difficult not cooperative to be encouraged by this online school,” he continued.

Ernest said his youngest son did not really like playing gadgets, like his older brother, Sky.

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Initially, Ernest considered the cost he would incur when Snow dropped out of school and returned.

However, Ernest and his wife, More Anastasia, finally agreed for Snow to quit school.

“While the school I have to pay every month, now if I withdraw later if for example I want to go back to school again, I have to pay the actual base money again, that’s the dilemma,” Ernest said.

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“It’s just that we don’t know when we will go to school again. Yes, we have made a decision based on a certainty, which is to stop school so we don’t have to pay in vain fees,” he added.

However, Ernest Prakasa has other options in directing education for Snow.

After discussing with Meira, Ernest plans to register Snow for homeschooling.

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“We are actually seriously considering homeschooling because he is really happy to play alone, for hours he really enjoyed it. So, I think maybe the homeschooling option is suitable for him,” Ernest said.

In fact, Ernest Prakasa had asked Snow directly about his plan.

“I asked, ‘Your sister prefers to be at home if you don’t go to school later, so later there will be a tutor coming to your house or not?’, ‘Want’ he said,” said the film director Imperfect that.


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