Ernst-Wilhelm dealer: From entrepreneur to novelist


Munich One thing has remained: the dictation of texts. Earlier, after the visit of a customer, Ernst-Wilhelm dealer spoke in the parking lot immediately a note in a recording device. The thoughts were fresh. He was still a family business owner and sales manager.

This has become everyday routine for him, even in his current life as a writer and author. Learning is learned, writing is with him for the first time: talking and recording. “My novels are created as dictations,” explains Dealer today. Laughs and points – please, no misunderstandings! – on Minister Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Weimar. He has filled the affairs of state so much that he has also dictated literary texts, and indeed his writers.

The life of the Ernst-Wilhelm dealer, 66, must be thought of as a series of unusual crossroads: business administration and fiction, money and thought, trade and art. If even Goethe, then one can characterize him as a “uomo universale”, as a universally educated, the fun of his role and this also likes to convey to the world. The versatile one, on the one hand, refurbishes old buildings in Thuringia and Saxony, on the other hand writes essays (preferably for “Merkur”), loves mathematics, collects works of art and finally, with the consistency of a clockwork, delivers a novel every few years since 1995.

The latest work (“The Money Speaks”) connects the merchant world of the economy with the merchant world of words – and has the message, hey, you Germans have good founders, but “Finance” has no real idea. Why I show you the guys there. And with a narrator called “money” – who must live with having power, but to remain misunderstood. The book also put traders on the shortlist of the “German Business Book Award” this year.
In the Munich Café “Luitpold”, the writer from Schwabing explains his philosophy behind the book on a Saturday morning.

He looks with sneakers, jeans and jacket about as you have to imagine his protagonists in everyday life. They are usually around 40 years old, a generation younger than dealers, who would compensate flights over “Atmosfair” and saw economy no more than a single jitter for the career.

Ernst-Wilhelm dealer: The money speaks
S. Fischer
Frankfurt 2019
400 pages
22 euros

For a long time he wanted to write about “Finance”, traders at the coffee house table. But then came the financial crisis of 2008, and currently he would not be with his novels. Now the situation is much more interesting, “with the complete reorganization of economic power relations”, it gushes out of him. And counts on, which also newspaper readers perplexed daily: the money nothing worth more. No way out of the low interest rate trap. Indebted countries almost broke. Private deep in the chalk. A staccato of decline and an imperceptible remeasurement of the world.

“My book is also a foreshadowing that there will be many new forms of money.” This is a key phrase in the half-descriptive, half-predictive book. For example, art: It has become a “parallel currency”, traders said, the works of well-known artists are now – as “blue chips” – the new money. And large galleries acted like banks rationing the supply exactly.

Here speaks one who, early in his days as a traveling salesman, ran into every museum and bought art. The name, well known today in his collection, rhetorically asks why a picture of David Hockney should not cost $ 90 million when a Russian rich man makes a yacht for a quarter of a billion.

The world that Ernst-Wilhelm Händler is spreading is “Apocalypse Now” as normal. As breathless as hopeless. This is the fascination of his current novel, which lets a start-up entrepreneur invest $ 500 million with a non-principle banker who once had deprived him of vital credit.

In order to invest the sum, three hedge fund managers recommend themselves (who else in these days!): An opportunist (“banana clip”), a mathematics genius (“heavy man”), a flash trader (“nano-man”). Between the games of action unfolds a cybernetics of the financial machine world, with small essays and memorabilia: “The modern destiny is called bubble.” Here go thriller passages without hesitation in system theory. That's as amusing as exhausting.

It is profoundly about how star investors tick, which are not just “greedy”, as the columnists say. Dealer finds that one must already have learned economics in order to talk about it. And one should stay away from all the metaphors, from money as “blood circulation,” from the “invisible hand,” from the “god playing” of investment bankers.

I have no regrets, but would still prefer my industrial company. Ernst-Wilhelm dealer (writer)

“These people are not Master of the Universe because they have so much money,” he says, “but because they have a direct influence on the world with their strategies and comments.” Everyone follows the theories and methods, “he says fit, there are of course also dark sides here. ” It's about psyche, not about community college: “I would not write novels, if all that was margarine advertising.”

The paradox surrounding traders would be imperfect if the sensual-minded had not always been enthusiastic about the nonsensical: economics and mathematics. One of the most beautiful books he knows is “Theory of Value” by Gérard Debreu, a work of formulas.

Dealer feels recognizable well to be able to talk about economy longer, he has solid theories. For example, how awkward it is that the Brookings Institution, founded by the military, enforced the doctrine of general equilibrium in the economy and lost the economist Herbert Simon – who early integrated behavioral theory in the book “Bounded Reality”.

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