ERS system Honda possible cause slow Red Bull in Austria

Red Bull Racing did not have enough speed last weekend Mercedes attack and an analysis on the official website of Formula 1 now shows that this may be due to Honda’s ERS system. Mercedes would use this system more efficiently on the Red Bull Ring.

The ERS system, or the Energy Recovery System, is a system for recuperative braking. This system ensures that energy released when braking is stored. This energy can then be used again later to generate extra power temporarily. But on the Red Bull Ring in Austria, the laps are short, there are only three flat sections, and there aren’t many angles for braking energy to absorb. The Honda system is less efficient with energy on these jobs than Mercedes, according to the analysis of to make up.

The Honda engine cannot use the ERS system all round, while Mercedes’ engine continues to run. This is because the Japanese power source runs up against some sort of ceiling in terms of available capacity. Another part that would play a role in Red Bull’s lack of speed is downforce. The Milton Keynes team had reduced downforce to make up for the ERS system shortage. However, this resulted in higher tire wear, resulting in Valtteri Bottas up quickly Max Verstappen could catch up towards the end of the race.

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However, there is also good news, because the difference of the ERS system is only noticeable on a certain number of circuits, including Spa and Baku. On the majority of the lanes, Honda can simply use its system in full during a lap. This would explain why Dr. Helmut Marko said yesterday looking forward to the race in Hungary, because this track would suit the Red Bull better. We will see whether this is actually the case this weekend.


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