Ertuğrul Ertuğrul Frequency TRT Turkish carrier series TRT of argument Resurrection Episode 148 Part V


We follow with you the frequency of the Turkish channel TRT, which shows the Turkish series Artegirl Resurrection and the details of episode 148, the fifth part of the series, many millions of spectators in Arab and European countries are eager to follow the series, the fifth part is the last part of the series, The End, the goal of King Artegrel to unite the tribes to confront and repel enemies.

Ertugrul 148

The episode of Artagirl Episode 148 will be very exciting as it has many surprises in this episode, as stated in the serial, the director has worked to attract the attention of the spectators to see what will happen in the episode, and the series is presented on the Turkish channel TRT and then translated the episode and presented on other satellite channels.

The date of the Artegirl resurrection series on the Turkish channel TRT

TRT shows the Turkish Artgrel series at 19:00, Cairo time, in the Arab Republic of Egypt and at 20:00, now Saudi.

The events of the Artgrel episode

Episode 147 of the fifth part of the series increased the conflict between King Artgroll and his brother Gundgdo after returning to the post of commander of the warriors at Sugot, and some believe that the conditions to improve the Kingdom are resolved, but the director works always to lift the masses and prepare surprises for them during the events of Part V From the Turkish series Artgrel.

Frequency of the Turkish channel TRT

The Arabic TRT frequency on the Nilesat is 11391 and the vertical polarization and encoding speed is 27500

The frequency of KRT TRT on Nilesat is 10873 and vertical polarization and coding speed is 27500

The frequency of the TRT channel on the trusses is 11042 and the vertical polarization and coding speed are 84,000

The RTT channel frequency on Eutelsat is 10928 and the vertical polarization and encoding speed is 30,000

UPDATE: To follow the Altargrel series Episode 148 part V can be done through the frequencies described above.

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