ESC 2019: S! Sters only on the penultimate place


No good news for the German ESC contribution: The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has corrected the final result of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. The reason for this is an incorrect calculation of the Belarusian jury vote, it says on “”. The eight points from Belarus, which had received the German duo S! Sters, fell away with it. As a result of the correction, the singers slip down one place and now occupy the 25th and thus the penultimate place.

The Belarussian jury had been disqualified because the jurors were forbidden to speak publicly about their voting behavior during the first semifinals before the final. For Belarus, therefore, a statistically determined score was calculated in the final, which was calculated on the basis of the results of other countries with similar voting results. It was an error happened.

“The EBU can confirm that we have determined by standard verification methods that a false aggregate result was used due to a human error,” the statement said. The overall winner and the top 4 songs of the competition remained unchanged.

Star reporter Edgars Noskovs witnessed the appearance of the Sisters live at the ESC in Tel Aviv ESC.


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