ESC 2019: This is how our stern reporter experienced the Eurovision Song Contest


If you could not fall asleep that night, it means that the biggest circus in the music industry, Eurovision, has reached its peak.

The voting was very intense.

(Moderator: “Germany receives from the spectators – I'm sorry – zero points.”)

People, zero points.

Fans from Cyprus: It was a bit boring this year. I'm so sorry.

Fans from the UK: I love the song. He is fantastic on the CD. I do not think the stage show did them a favor. I think it's a good show and I like the scenery.

Fans from the Netherlands: If Germany starts again with the same song, then with real sisters. If they are twins.

And now we are outside, where thousands of fans have just gone crazy. In protest many songs sing their favorites. But the winner is only one.

And the winner is here – Eurovision travels to the Netherlands. I would say the song is cool and modern, quiet, but still has a lot of energy in it.

Fan from Italy: I do not like the winner very much. Not my favorite. He has a simple song and people like it.

But it would not be a real Eurovision without curiosities.

Fans have paid 500 euros to be here. The organization and security, I would say, have been positively impressive.

For real fans, the party is just beginning. Here in the Eurocafe it is possible to meet new people, to see new places and to promote equality – no matter who the winner is.


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