Escaped African wild cat is captured by special fire department team (Ghent)


The serval that appeared a few days ago in Ledeberg and Wondelgem, among others, was caught by the fire brigade. The beast had enclosed itself in Café Den Boer in Mariakerke.

Max Dedulle

Yesterday at 11:52

The serval was seen on Thursday night by a Ledebergen resident who was walking his dog. He was able to make images of it, which were eagerly shared on social media. In Belgium it is forbidden to keep the animal as a pet, but apparently it happens anyway.

“We received a phone call from the owners of Café Den Boer, on Mariakerkeplein,” says Anouk Veyt, spokesperson for the Center Fire Brigade Zone. “Behind the cafe are some containers and there is a fence, and the serval had let himself be enclosed there.”

The animal rescue special team was able to capture the animal. The serval is in good health and is now being transferred to the Opglabbeek conservation center. It is unclear who owns the wild cat.

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