Escrivá announces in the Canary Islands a subsidy of 50 million to serve immigrants

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Las Canary Islands They continue to assist the disembarkation of cayucos day after day, in what is representing the worst migratory crisis in the archipelago since 2006. Data from the Ministry of the Interior reflect that, as of October 15, 23,537 people have arrived by sea ( 79.4% more than in 2022) on 384 different vessels. On Monday, the acting minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska announced in Las Palmas the deployment of two Civil Guard planes to reinforce the device and thus try to prevent irregular arrivals.

Today it was the turn of José Luis Escriváacting minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, who has moved to The iron to meet with personnel deployed to care for immigrants. From there, Escrivá has advanced that, foreseeably, in the next Council of Ministers a subsidy of 50 million euros will be approved for the Canary Islands, “which has a very difficult situation”, in order to help care and welcome people. that arrive through boats. He has also asked for more solidarity from the autonomous communities when it comes to taking in minors. Escrivá has pointed out that this investment represents “alternative” financing to help with food and maintenance expenses and can also serve to cover the costs of minors.

The island of El Hierro, the smallest, westernmost and least populated (11,400 inhabitants) of the Canary archipelago, has been especially shaken by the arrival of cayucos since the political situation in Senegal destabilized in the summer and caused hundreds of people to try to flee the country. Escrivá has stated that he is “aware” of what it would mean for the island if referrals from adults were not agile.

For his part, the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijohas asked not to “denaturalize” the reception of these migrants, since many people and children come on the boats “who risk their lives at sea and some do not arrive” and has once again attacked the EU for being unable to establish a common immigration policy, which helps “certain fascist, xenophobic and racist discourses” that basically “do not fit.”

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