Espinosa de los Monteros will continue to bring together Vox deputies and critics: "See you in December"

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There will be a reunion. The lunch between deputies and former members of Vox headed by Iván Espinosa de los MonterosIn mid-September it will have at least a second part. He former Vox spokesperson in it Congress plans meet again with what was his team of 52 deputies in the Lower House shortly before Christmasdespite the controversy that the meeting has unleashed in the ranks and surroundings of the party in recent days.

“See you in December”was the farewell message that, according to sources present at the meal, conveyed Espinosa de los Monteros to the nearly 30 colleagues with whom he ate on September 14 at the restaurant Fortunein the center of Madrid.

They were invited to this “meal among friends and colleagues” through a WhatsApp group created by the man himself. Espinosa at the end of July, just a few days before making his departure from Vox. A good part of the parliamentary group from the previous legislature and up to seven deputies from the current one attended, but no one from the Vox management despite being fully invited.

The party apparatus urged current parliamentarians to leave this messaging group due to the presence of both Espinosa as well as other former deputies with a critical profile, as advanced The Spanish. Members who remain in the group assure that the outings have been minimal after the management’s call to attention, and that they talk informally about different current affairs and even politics, but without this posing any type of challenge. or questioning of the Vox roadmap, so there is no problem with members of the current parliamentary group participating in it.

The seven deputies who participated in the meal and are part of the team in Congress today are Alberto Asarta, Tomas Fernandez, Patricia Rueda, José María Sánchez, José Ramírez del Río, Emilio del Valle y Alberto Rodriguez.

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