Esposende municipality declares municipal alert after deadly landslide – Portugal

The Chamber of Esposende declared, this Thursday night, the state of municipal alert.

This state has been in effect since 20:00. In a statement, the municipality informs that following the landslide that happened, on Wednesday, in Palmeira de Faro, the measure has effects in the affected area, between lots six and 14, on Rua Artur Barros Lima. In concrete terms, it implies the interdiction of the affected area and, consequently, the relocation of eight families – residents of the area at risk – corresponding to eight houses. Thus, the municipality arranged to relocate these people, with two families, a total of 14 members – seven adults and seven children –, who will stay in accommodation provided by the municipality and the remaining six families, consisting of 10 adults and four children, they stay in the homes of family and friends.

In the statement, he also informs that the municipality has carried out a geotechnical study, awarded to technicians from the University of Minho, and, only after the conclusion of the work – whose deadline is not yet possible to determine – “will it be possible to define the eventual steps that will follow, namely the return of people to their homes”. Moreover, the municipality clarifies that, from the outset, it has been “following the situation, ensuring psychological support for the victims’ families and residents of adjacent dwellings”.

Regarding the house where the tragedy that fatally killed a 22-year-old couple took place, the municipality reinforces that “the affected housing is licensed and has authorization for use, and the licensing process, dated 1994, took place normally” .

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