Estadio Jalisco will have a new team in Mexican football


Guadalajara, Jalisco /

the Jalisco Stadium It was the home of atlas, Chivas, Black lions, gold, Jalisco Club and from this second half of 2019 also from Deportivo Cafessa, a Guadalajara team that will participate in the A league of the Second Division.

The club born in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, will try to go up Ascent MX with an ambitious project that includes the former Atlante player, Jaime Duránas a technician and another esrojinegro, Ricardo Jiménez, as your assistant. It will be this Monday when it is officially announced that the Jalisco will be its headquarters for next year of football.

New in the A league, the Deportivo Cafessa will come as Second classified in the B series losing the final of the category with the Club Cañoneros Marina, a painting based in Milpa Alta in Mexico City.

This project will be presented this Monday, to also announce that the same exjugador, Guillermo "More" Hernández, is the vice president.

The project seeks to be solid, to the extent that so much Hernández such as Duran were present at Annual meeting of Mexican football which was developed last week in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

This club was born in 2015 after the acquisition of the Third Division franchise that belonged to the Cacanes de Ameca and for 2017 it was announced the purchase of another expansion to play in the B series.

From his arrival in that division his house was the Mariano Otero sports unit in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, with a maximum capacity of 3 thousand spectators.

After losing the end of the B series only less than a month ago, Cafessa put together a project to try now to find the Ascent MX from the A league.

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