Ester Expósito: her boyfriend presumes her on social networks

Actress Ester Expósito shares through an Instagram story how her new boyfriend, actor Alejandro Speitzer, boasts her with a photo on networks, seeing her participation in the new Spanish series Veneno. Network users wasted no time reacting to such a cute gesture.

Much has been rumored about the love relationship between Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer, to the level that the followers in networks opened a thread with all the information about how this romance probably arose. In spite of none of the actors has not confirmed or denied in words this relationship.

However, the media caught them kissing on the beach on their journey along the coasts of Mexico. Action that took for granted the public that their relationship is more than a fact or at least that there is a romantic relationship.

On the other hand, the actress Ester Expósito She has been active during this quarantine on social networks posting some of her memories of that already sounded Tulum trip in Mexico. Where the actor Alexander Speitzer He has commented and reacted to his posts.

Recently the actress Ester Expósito A small stake has been announced in the Spanish project of Veneno. Many details about her participation in the series have not yet been given, however the actress has already shared some images of her presence on stage.

She recently shared through her Instagram account that the production was unable to promote the series properly, due to the coronavirus, so the transmission of the series reached streaming platforms, where the actress has been promoted through of their stories.


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