Ester Expósito: what’s behind her romance with handsome mexican

Many are already the rumors about the alleged romance between the beautiful Ester Expósito and the actor Alexander Speitzer and it is that in recent weeks they have been on everyone’s lips, but to confirm these rumors a twitter user has been given the task of deciphering and whether or not there is romance between these celebrities.

The User name Clarissa Álvarez opened a thread on social networks in which he carried out an in-depth investigation to discover how the romance between Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer and it obviously drove the actors’ fans crazy.

What is known about both actors is that they will participate in the Netflix series “Someone has to die” by Manolo Caro, so since then we have seen some photographs in which they appear comfortably together.

The actor Alexander Speitzer had a love relationship with the actress Minnie west who he met in the play Vaseline and the one that came to an end last October but it was not until December that Minnie west confirmed their separation, while for their part Ester Expósito He went out with his partner from the Èlite series, Álvaro Rico.

The Twitter user he was given the task of collecting all the information regarding the actors, where he says that it is because Alejandro Speitzer moved to Madrid For the recording of the series, the romance was seen to come, since little by little it seemed they did not mind showing their photos together.

What proved the user right was the Ester Expósito’s recent visit to Mexico, since she traveled to the beaches of Tulum and was captured with Alexander Speitzer kissing and very caramelized during the vacations to these beaches.


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