Eta shook more than 150 homes in Sancti Spíritus – Escambray

Most of the damage to homes is concentrated on roofs. (Photo: Ernesto Jaivaloca / Facebook)

Moderate damage to homes was left by tropical storm Eta as it passed through Sancti Spíritus, where damage was quantified to 155 buildings throughout the territory.

According to Maribel Vázquez Bernal, technical deputy director in the Provincial Housing Directorate, the municipalities that suffered the most damage were Sancti Spíritus with 71 reports, Trinidad (24), Fomento (19), and Jatibonico and Taguasco with 14 each.

Vázquez Bernal specified that five total collapses and 16 partial collapses were quantified, 14 houses require construction work and 106 houses suffered total and partial roof collapses, respectively, while damage is reported in 14 Type I buildings.

Once the storm had passed, the appropriate cases were evaluated, while the procedures offices were activated in each of the municipalities with groups made up of technicians from the housing management, officials from the government body, Commerce and the Popular Bank Savings, in order to expedite requests for materials.

“Until now,” Maribel clarified, “there is still no response regarding the resources requested from the Ministry of Economy and Planning. However, it has been indicated that in the municipalities where they are available, people who do not require bank loans to initiate construction actions can purchase materials, upon presentation of what is included in the technical file of their home “.

As for the collapses, he explained, there are three ways of solution as appropriate in each case: construction by own effort, with the state plan or by providing subsidies to people with limited resources.


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