Ethel Pozo finally he ruled on a possible romance between her and Ignacio Baladán. The statements of the host on this subject were exposed by Jaime ‘Choca’ Mandros in the latest edition of You’re in all.

The Uruguayan admitted that he considered her a “beautiful and talented” woman after being asked if he was attracted to the television host.

YOU CAN SEE Ignacio Baladán responds after being linked with Ethel Pozo “I think she is a beautiful and talented girl”

Ignacio Baladán and Ethel Pozo |  PHOTO: Instagram“/>

“There was good chemistry, I’m not going to lie to you, jokes … and then I saw that he did his little things. So I told him that I didn’t know that he liked to cook, one thing than another and (I said) whenever you want at your disposal ”, revealed the model for You are in all.

Then, he confirmed that he sent a cake to the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel because she asked him to. “I said do not worry, what do you want and I will send it to you,” he said. Ignacio Baladán.

Ethel Pozo Photo: InstagramEthel Pozo Photo: Instagram“/>

However, Ethel Pozo it was spoken through the television host Choca Mandros. The presenter’s message ends all rumors of a possible romance with the member of This is war.

“I said Ethel, and how about (Ignacio) sent you the cake (and he said) ‘no, he is my friend’,” said the presenter of You are at all. After that, he added that Ignacio Baladán was “sent back to the friendzone”.

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Ethel Pozo touches her childhood photo with her mother Gisela Valcárcel

My mom’s driver cooks better than yours, Ethel Pozo, excited his followers by publishing a photograph of his childhood next to his famous mother Gisela Valcárcel. “Mom and me. I estimate that I was 5 years old and it was a common day, we were always like that, together, ”wrote the figure of América TV.

Photo capture: Ethel Pozo InstagramPhoto capture: Ethel Pozo Instagram“/>

Rodrigo González comments on a photo of the memory of Ethel Pozo: “Attending his first classes of costumes”

El influence Rodrigo González did not miss the opportunity to send a hilarious hint to Gisela Valcárcel Seeing the photograph of the popular ‘Señor’ next to a small Ethel Pozo.

Photo capture: Rodrigo González InstagramPhoto capture: Rodrigo González Instagram“/>

“Ethel attending her first costume classes with her teacher and mentor,” said the former Latina figure.

Does Patricio Parodi want to link Ignacio Baladán with the model Luana Barrón?

Last weekend, Ignacio Baladán , Flavia Laos and Patrick Parodi They met with the model Luana Barrón, the four young people showed off in funny videos that they published on social networks. The comments of a possible romance between the ‘chocolatier’ and the influencer did not wait, because the trust and closeness they showed raised the suspicions of their fans.

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“Like Ignacio and Luana They are singles, they are going to be linked, but, just as we have recorded content with Luana, another day, they will see us with more friends because it is what you see, “said the warrior when asked about the subject. “The day (Ignacio) decides to go out with someone, I will know, but right now, he is focused on his work,” he said.

Ignacio Baladán calls Ethel Pozo “beautiful and talented”

The warrior confessed what he thinks about Ethel Well and he did not deny that there is more than a friendship between them.

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“When I went to record a long time ago, she obviously put herself on my side for me to win and there was good chemistry, I’m not going to lie to you. We made jokes and then I saw that she did cook, ”Ignacio Baladán said of her first approach with the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, in conversations with“ Choca ”Mandros.

Ethel Pozo answers teasing of Magaly Medina

Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter also responded to Magaly Medina, who criticized her for the case of Gunter Rave and scoffed at the tune of his show.

“I never hear it, I don’t see it. When I go to the channel it is to work and when I go out I have to solve issues and see things about my daughters and the house. I have a mommy life and I don’t have any more time. I consider television to be a job that ends when I leave the channel, ”added the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel in her defense.

Magaly Medina and Gisela ValcárcelMagaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel“/>

Ethel Pozo ‘trolls’ her mom, Gisela Varcárcel, during live link

Ethel Pozo ‘questioned’ the work that her mother, Gisela Varcárcel, performed while taking social assistance. The popular ‘Señorito’ was in the ‘Cocina del pueblo’, a project led by Aldo Miyashiro, when Ethel observed what other people were doing at the time, so she said “What is my mother going to do there?” .

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That was heard by Gisela, who did not hesitate to respond immediately to correct it. “What am I going to do? They called me and then I said I’m going to cook. No, then, don’t excuse me like that saying what I’m going to do. Things are not like that, “he stressed while Aldo Miyashiro He started laughing.

Ignacio Baladán responds to Ethel Pozo for calling him “super friend”

After hearing that he was rated “super friend”, Ignacio Baladán decided not to remain silent and sent a forceful response to Luciana Fuster.

“The one who sent him to the friendzone was me, at the beginning of the year, you know how the truth is. You already know what pride is like, ”said the Uruguayan during a live on Instagram with Hugo García.

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Ethel Pozo speaks out after being linked with Yaco Eskenazi

At a press conference held in September last year, Ethel Pozo completely ruled out a relationship with Yaco Eskenazi, his driving partner in My Mom cooks better than yours.

“More than discarded (relationship with Yaco Eskenazi), by thousands of points; one, because I am a believer, I am a daughter of God; two, because I have my daughters who love Liam, Yaco and Natalie’s baby. It is not the first time that I hear it. When the first season of ‘My mom cooks better than yours’ was going to come out, I think the competition tried to get out or say something gruesome about it, ”said the presenter.

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Ignacio Baladán celebrates new relationship with ex-partner Angelle Folse

In an interview for You are all, the reality boy Ignacio Baladán stated that he was not bothered that his ex-girlfriend Angelle Folse had started a relationship with the influencer Makenna Misuraco.

“It does not affect me, everyone has to be happy with whoever they want, with whoever they are on the path of life, wherever they want. I left things well at the time “, detailed the popular ‘Chocolatero’.

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