Ethereum Classic developers reported network outage

The Ethereum Classic network experienced a glitch, the exact nature of which has not yet been established. The developers confirmed that they are studying the causes of the incident, recommending that exchanges, mining pools and other users temporarily refrain from carrying out transactions.

Earlier, the lead developer of the Ethereum Foundation, Hudson Jameson, wrote about the “problem in the ETC blockchain”.

At the same time, he found it difficult to answer exactly what the problem was, specifying that he was receiving information from miners who were in the wrong chain.

Bitfly representatives, meanwhile, report that at block 10904146, the Ethereum Classic blockchain has undergone a reorganization 3693 blocks deep. They speculated that a 51% attack might be the cause.

ETC Core lead developer James Wu has not yet confirmed this information, urging “not to worry.” According to him, the developers are working on a solution to the problem, and it will be fixed.

In July, the decision to abandon further support for the ETC client and focus on other projects was made by the OpenEthereum team, which accounted for about 50% of all nodes in the Ethereum Classic network. During voting on GitHub among other things, concerns have been raised about the immutability of the ETC blockchain. Previously similar solution accepted Multi-Geth developers.

Update: ETC developers confirmed dividing the network into two circuits at block 10904146, which resulted in its unstable state. The intruder miner mined about 3000 blocks, but the developers do not see clear signs of a targeted attack. While admitting this in part, they emphasize that the 51% attack, if any, did not lead to any undesirable consequences. Miners are encouraged to continue working as before, following the longest chain. The state of the network, according to the developers, is normalizing, but the investigation of the incident continues.

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