ETLE’s camera is getting more sophisticated, it can detect drivers who don’t have a SIM

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Polda Metro Jaya said the camera technology, Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (MEAT) will develop so that it can detect drivers who do not have a driver’s license (SIM).

Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Director Kombes Pol Latif Usman explained that the detection was based on features face recognition.

“So later it will develop with ‘face recognition‘, so capturing a face, whose name is where, where is the address, has a SIM or not, later it can be detected,” said Latif, as reported BetweenMonday (28/11).

Latif said that his party is working with the Population and Civil Registration Service (Dukcapil) as the holder of citizen administrative data for the application of facial recognition ETLE.

So far it is not certain when this technology can be applied to the ETLE system, which is now the mainstay of the police when it is forbidden to issue manual tickets.

Polda Metro Jaya currently has 57 static ETLE camera points installed at strategic locations to capture evidence in the form of photos or videos of traffic violations. In addition to the static type, Polda Metro Jaya also has 10 mobile ETLEs in patrol vehicles.

Next year, it is planned that there will be an additional 70 new static ETLE cameras.

Types of ETLE Camera Mainstay of Police When Prohibited Manual Tickets. (CNNIndonesia/ Agder Maulana)


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