EU countries agree to set a limit for trans fats in foods


The European Union countries supported this Friday the European Commission's proposal to set a limit on the trans fat content in foods, in order to protect consumers' health and promote the intake of healthier products. In particular, the 28 gave the approval as experts to establish a maximum of two grams of this type of fatty acid for every 100 grams of fat. The legislation must now be examined by the European Parliament, which has two months to deliver it, as reported by the Union's executive in a statement.

Brussels stressed that numerous scientific studies, including a recent European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), have recommended in recent years that the intake of this type of fat should be kept to a minimum to avoid health risks.

The Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, has held the position of government of the EU and warned that the increasing consumption of trans fats has been "a major concern" for doctors "for many years".

"The favorable vote today is a step forward because it will lead to concrete actions to eliminate these fats in the nourishment of European citizens," said the Lithuanian politician, who called for the maximum speed for the implementation of the regulations to become reality .


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