EU crusade against online disinformation in the Middle East conflict

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The White House has had to deny the US president’s statements in record time Yeah, Biden in which he claimed to have seen images of children beheaded by Hamas. The singer Justin Bieber has published a photograph of the destruction of Gaza to show support for Israel. Images of the extreme violence perpetrated by Hamas have spread wildly across social networks, especially on X, the former Twitter. Brussels has raised alarm bells in the face of the brutal magnitude of hoaxes, misinformation and illegal content that circulates through digital platforms in the powder keg of the Middle East. AX and Meta you have already given him the first warning.

“Although the grass is not (always) greener on the other side, sometimes the sky is bluer.” With this ironic message, but direct to the jugular, the Commissioner of the Internal Market, Thierry Bretonhas announced its move to the BlueSky social network, after direct clashes with the owner of

The exchange of reproaches has taken place publicly. And paradoxically through the social network owned by the tycoon Elon Musk. Late on Tuesday, the French commissioner sent an urgent statement to the American reminding him of his obligations within the framework of the European Digital Services Law (DSA), which came into force at the end of August: “Following the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas against Israel, we have indications that X is being used to spread illegal content and propaganda within the EU“.

Under ambitious EU legislation, technology giants are obliged to ensure maximum transparency for users, remove illegal and reported content and put in place all preventive measures to prevent the spread of false or manipulated images or information. Breton gave Musk a maximum of 24 hours to respond. The reply came less than two hours later through the same channel. And on Wednesday the official one arrived, which the European Commission is currently analyzing.

“Our policy is based on everything being open and transparent source, an approach that the EU supports. List the violations of aware of reports from users and authorities about false content and glorification of violence. It is up to you to show that you lead by example,” concluded the French commissioner, who has not given more details about specific examples.

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