EU Directive: Netflix & Co. are engaged for 30% of European content

of Valentin Sattler
A new EU directive requires that broadcasters and streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime offer and promote at least 30% of European content in the future. There are also new requirements for the protection of minors. Member states have 21 months to implement the directive.

The European Council adopted a directive on Tuesday. This requires broadcasters and streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that at least 30 percent of the content offered must come from the EU. Furthermore, the corresponding content must be advertised. This implements a plan of the European Commission that already had its intentions in September.

More EU content and more protection of minors

Because the policy is independent of the company's headquarters, it also affects streaming offers in the US such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Video. The new regulation aims to increase investment in Europe. As a result, EU content includes all films or series produced in the EU – the topic is not defined or limited.

Member States of the EU have 21 months to implement the directive, the deadline is 20 August 2020. This replaces the previous requirement, in which the Video-on-Demand has not yet been discussed. The corresponding services are now equated with the broadcasters and must also implement the new regulations, for example for the protection of minors.

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This in turn implies that appropriate platforms must react quickly when questionable content is reported. Furthermore, data collected on minors should not be used for commercial purposes. These include direct marketing, profiling and behavioral advertising. In addition, steps are taken against generally debatable content such as incitement to hate.

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