EU entry stop could be canceled for 18 countries

BrusselsThe representatives of the EU countries have drawn up a provisional list of around 18 countries, whose citizens could soon re-enter in the EU. The news Agency AFP reported, citing diplomatic circles. To Saturday at 18 clock, the governments of the EU should inform countries, therefore, is whether or not you agree with the selection. The list could be updated every two weeks, to respond to the current infection to happen.

As a basic criterion will need to be discussed that the case numbers in a third state for the waiver of the visa bans at least as low as in the EU. An internal Council document had this week, for this purpose, a value of 16 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants for the date 15. June specified. This number captures the infection in the previous 14 days in the EU.

Essential criteria for the end or the continuation of the restrictions from the 1. July, be among the member countries, however, still controversial, reported the AFP citing EU diplomats.

– Entry ban would not apply to China

After the main criterion for the number of new cases of infection, the entry bans for countries such as the USA, Brazil or Russia would continue to apply, but not for China. It was argued, in particular, a further criterion for the reliability of the detection of the case numbers in the respective third countries. Some countries doubt, according to diplomats, for example, that the data from China reliably the true Corona current Situation in the country reflect.

This is “one of the most problematic issues,” said one Diplomat from an Eastern European country. It was not possible, the restrictions for countries to repeal “the data are of dubious quality” delivered. In the evening it was called then, but from diplomatic circles, an entry permit for citizens of China is possible, if Beijing will allow in turn, for citizens of the EU countries from entering the country.

Add to that, in principle, different attitudes, whether the Opening should rather be careful or as much as possible. Southern holiday countries such as Portugal and Greece wanted to be as far as possible the abolition, BelTA learned from diplomatic circles. Others such as Denmark are, however, a restrictive line.


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