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Square Enix is ​​going to increase the server capacity for its mmorpg, but the upgrade of the European servers remains limited for the time being. The North American servers will get more capacity in the short term.

Final Fantasy XIV has welcomed many new players in recent weeks. The game suddenly became more popular after a number of YouTubers and Twitch streamers started playing the game more. This increase in players is very unexpected writes Square Enix in a message, causing some server capacity issues.

Players have been faced with long queues in recent weeks when they want to log into a server. According to the developer, several North American servers were at their maximum capacity for periods of six to seven hours over the weekend, making login impossible for some users. This was no different on the European servers. There too, the waiting times on some servers rose to more than forty minutes.

Still, in the short term, Square Enix can only promise better server capacity for the North American servers. The developer writes that the data centers for the game for the NA servers were recently upgraded, which now makes it possible to increase the maximum server capacity by 750 players per world server. A total of 18,000 additional players can now log into the servers at the same time.

In Europe this is more difficult to read in the message. The European data centers have not yet been upgraded and due to chip shortages and travel restrictions due to corona measures, this cannot be realized in the short term. If there was already enough hardware to upgrade the servers, the team responsible for the upgrade cannot currently physically travel to the data centers.

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By further optimizing the servers, the developer hopes to be able to increase the capacity slightly, but the effect of this will be limited, the team acknowledges. In addition, the developer will automatically log out players who are absent for a longer period of time as an emergency measure. This temporary measure should ensure that the queues are slightly shorter.

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