EU Parliament: Uniform chargers required for cell phones across the EU


In order to reduce electronic waste and make life easier for consumers, manufacturers would have to offer a common charger for mobile phones, tablets, e-books and other devices, according to a statement by the European Parliament on Monday.

The European Parliament wants the EU Commission to put more pressure on manufacturers. The EU Commission will soon propose new steps that could lead to a solution with a uniform charger, said Commissioner Maros Sefcovic during a debate on the subject in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Various alternatives would be examined, said Sefcovic.

“Lobbyists’ technology” for chargers

The European Commission’s previous approach to only encouraging industry to develop common chargers was not sufficient, the European Parliament said. “How long will it be before the EU Commission realizes that industry will not solve the problem on its own?” Asked SPD-EU politician Evelyne Gebhardt, who is a member of the consumer protection committee. One should not get involved in a “lobbyists’ stopping technique”, said Gebhardt.

This will prevent your charging cable from breaking

The development of wireless battery chargers must be used to create a uniform standard for all manufacturers, said Andreas Schwab (CDU), spokesman for the EPP Group for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. “There may be technical arguments against a compulsory standardization for the plug connections for cables. But this does not apply to wireless chargers.”

According to the European Parliament, old charging cables generate around 51,000 tons of electronic waste every year in the EU. According to the European SPD, the European Parliament should vote on its position on the subject in a resolution at the end of January.


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