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Google is now launching, as announced in March, a major update for Android users. This includes the changes that the European Commission has made after a long controversy with Google on a clearer choice of browser and search engine.

Infographic: Google, the billion marksGoogle, the billion marks

As the concern informs now, the update will be automatically distributed to all Android users. The distribution is expected to be completed within a few weeks. After the update has been applied, every time the Google Play Store app opens the next time, each user will see a screen that asks you to choose a browser. You will then see various Web browsers that you can install for your tablet or smartphone, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Opera.

EU application

The same is true for a search engine selection page. In this case, the app next to Google, for example, DuckDuckGo or Qwant.

This announcement of the alternatives was requested by the European Commission. Google stresses once again that Android users have always been able to install additional browsers and customize Android in general and also for the search engine in particular on settings.
Browser option and Google search engine fThe user menu of the app store displays the selection

The browser order displayed and the search engine alternative should be changed so that the impression of a preselection does not occur. A total of five alternatives are displayed, with Google included in the app with apps already installed and others not already installed on the device, as their popularity in the store has been recorded and displayed in random order.

For Google, the dispute with the EU may be over for the moment. Even Microsoft had already had to go through a similar procedure and for Windows a browser selection was added to the installation.

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