Business EU signs agreement with J&J for the purchase. ...

EU signs agreement with J&J for the purchase. What does it mean for Italy?

The news on the coronavirus vaccine keep chasing each other.

According to what has been leaked in the last few hours, the EU has also taken the first steps towards the purchase of the long-awaited immunizing therapy and has done so by signing an agreement with the US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson.

Coronavirus vaccine news: what the EU-J & J agreement provides

Not simple press rumors to shed light on the issue, but confirmations from the European Commission.

The latter has communicated to the entire Old Continent that it has officially concluded preliminary negotiations with Johnson & Johnson several times to advance purchase of the coronavirus vaccine currently being studied in the laboratories of the US company.

To put it another way, by virtue of the latest news, once the immunization therapy has been found, the European Union could ensure doses and batches in advance; the initial purchase is likely to be 200 million doses.

This preliminary agreement, the EU executive pointed out, could easily open the doors to a new contract with which allow individual EU states the purchase of the coronavirus vaccine or the donation of the same to less developed countries.

“The lives of our citizens and our economy have need a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus. Today’s talks bring us closer to achieving this goal “,

this is how the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen commented on the news of the last few hours.

The first purchase could be followed by a second one with another 200 million doses, for a total of 400 million of doses of coronavirus vaccine. This would ensure almost complete coverage of the EU, made up of 447.7 million people at the beginning of the year according to Eurostat data.


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