Eurocup and Champions League still standing despite pandemic: UEFA

The UEFA does not contemplate at the moment modifying his plans on Eurocup and the Champions League of soccer, its two main competitions, despite the current progression of the pandemic Covid-19 in Europe, which has disrupted the program in other sports.

“With regard to the Eurocup nothing has changed,” he told the AFP a spokesperson for the European organization.

The European Championship is scheduled from June 11 to July 11, after not being able to be played in 2020 due to the pandemic.

UEFA also maintains for now its intention that the tournament be played in 12 cities in 12 different countries, despite the fact that on Tuesday the president of Swiss football, Dominique Blanc, considered it “difficult” that this could be the case “taking into account the restrictions for travel. “

“Between now and 5 March”, UEFA will decide “city by city” between four options: “100% of spectators in the stadium, from 50 to 100%, from 20 to 30% or behind closed doors” with various health precautions in each case, specifies the same source.

Club competitions, including the Champions League, where the round of 16 starts on February 16 and 17, are not threatened at the moment either, UEFA explains.

As calls for the vaccination of athletes multiply, UEFA explains that this issue “will be the subject of reflection” and that it is “too early to make a decision.”

In an interview on Tuesday with different Swiss media, Dominique Blanc had pointed out two possibilities: “play the European Championship in a single country, in Russia or Germany for example” or “focus on a single large city” that has a sufficient number of stadiums , as it could be London.

For the patron of the Swiss Football Federation, the question of the return of the spectators to the stands is not posable, at least in a massive way, due to the current vaccination rate: “In my opinion, we are heading towards a different Euro Cup, without a doubt without an audience “, as happened in August 2020 with the ‘Final 8’ in Lisbon that served to play the last rounds of the 2019-2020 Champions League.

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