EuroLinux 9.2, another derivative of RHEL that takes positions

EuroLinux 9.2 is, in effect, the new version of this derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), whose launch reached us a few days ago and whose lineage has followed closely, each one, yes, in their own way, with a slightly different proposal. adapted to its own audience, but without breaking away from what the base marks, it is worth repeating.

So while Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.2 it makes up the original launch, with all the basic changes from which the rest draws and extends its own qualities over them, many of them articulated in different additional products or services, this is not the case with the derivatives. Of these, the fastest -and most complete in terms of offer- continues to be AlmaLinuxalthough in recent months EuroLinux is making merits to position itself.

EuroLinux 9.2 continues that march with the release at hand, which It has everything presented by RHEL 9.2 and seasons it with its own tweaks. It also does so in record time, because although we are publishing the news now, its launch occurred almost in unison with that of AlmaLinux and, like this one, its main point is compatibility with the Red Hat system repositories, as well as the pick up all updates to the software stack.

In particular, both AlmaLinux 9.2 and EuroLinux 9.2 include in their repositories updates to developer tools such as Python 3.11, Nginx 1.22, PostgreSQL 15, Rust v1.66, Go v1.19 and LLVM v15, among many others, which RHEL distributes by others. channels, as can be read in the launch announcement.

The announcement also that EuroLinux is now offered in a model called Open Core both as a paid service via subscription, or free, both including the same level of support regarding package updates in a timely manner. With the paid plan, obviously, the subscriber has at his disposal professional technical support, access to additional packages and other advantages. In essence, it works in the same way as all other RHEL derivatives and even RHEL itself.

EuroLinux also boasts of being the only one of the RHEL derivatives “that officially provides complete compilation trees and so-called buildroots”, that is, the mechanism and source code to compile the packages yourself as they have been compiled for the distribution. , with its instructions, dependencies and so on. This is a way to fine-tune the performance and also the functionality of the applications on the system.

Finally, EuroLinux remembers the time of support remaining for your current releases, and it is that although we are facing one of the most recent derivatives of RHEL, the truth is that it is a veteran project that has not left its field of activity -it is a Polish distro- until recently. In fact, the release of EuroLinux Desktop 9.2, the desktop-specific version, has yet to be announced. Be that as it may, the dates they handle are:

  • EuroLinux 9.2 will receive support until June 2032
  • EuroLinux 8.7 will receive support until June 2029
  • EuroLinux 7.9 will receive support until July 2024

For more information about EuroLinux 9.2, check out the release notes. To obtain the installation images, go to the download page.

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2023-05-15 16:34:52

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