Europa League. "Rangers" – "Spartak" – 0: 0. October 25, 2018


During the first half of the game in Scotland, "Spartak" never hit the gate and did not touch the ball in another penalty area. In the second half of the team Raul Riancho he was more active, but he did not create scoring opportunities. But Ibrox Arena has escorted the Rangers players with a moderate buzz, and the Russians applaud.

This reaction takes place in three cases.

1. When your team is irremediably inferior, but the hosts have not played worse.

2. When the players are not willing, but this does not concern the Gerrard boys.

3. When you're happy with the return of the outsiders, is this the role of Spartak now? After all, counting how many young people are in line, we still have to remember the fact that the cost of all players on contracts with the Muscovites is three times higher than that of the Rangers.

– "Spartak" is a very big club, there are very serious players, "he said Steven Gerrard and accidentally identified the main paradox of the current "Spartak". Where did the team that won Sevilla 5: 1 a year ago go? Where is this championship team? What remains of him and when will everything change? And here it was important to listen to the new coach.


In fact, all of Riancho's answers have been reduced to one topic: the new motivation of the players. "We knew that playing in this big stadium would not be easy, the Rangers scored five goals in the previous two games, but we played with brilliant eyes."

It seemed right, because "Spartak" really fought every 90 minutes and did not give way to crazy owners. But why did the players in the last half of the game with Arsenal, just five days ago, look like sleepy flies?

"There's a recipe," said Riancho. – First: you must be a family and think like a family. I told the guys that you, the players, are the most important thing here. Secondly, you are good and you have to play football because you have already shown everyone that you know how to do it. And third, you have to go out on the field and die. "

And first, it turns out, was not it family? When Carrera is not dead? Because the beloved coach is so often forced to say that the players have not shown the passion and the last time he stopped: "I do not understand what's going on"?

"Has the team collapsed at least once now?" The Spaniard continued, and he replied, "No, he did not collapse." He did not execute. "Completely done." Maybe I was bad as a coach, but the players worked 10 out of 10. "

Being wrong with the words was difficult again. We really saw the young people who won most of the martial arts. We have noticed how Fernando is rolling and working. Yes, in general it is hard to deny that this match was the best for Spartak throughout the fall. And the fact that the advantage of the Rangers game in this context did not seem gloomy for Riancho.

"Our rival drew with" Villareal ", and the Spaniards carried out" Rapid "5: 0. They also beat the Austrians 3: 1 houses and they were the leaders of the group, and we, in reality, were in crisis. in a situation where team spirit fluctuated when several games were lost.Thus, psychologically, today's draw is a very strong moment to turn the situation on the right track.Today we saw that the team was fighting to the end. I'm happy with the game and we will continue to work on the spirit ".

And again: they have not worked on the spirit before? Or it worked, but not like that? And in general, why did Riancho focus on this? Obviously not just like that.

"I've been working in football for over 20 years," he said. – He was a scout, a physical training coach and a second coach. And today I participated in the legendary stadium as a head coach. This is my dream come true. This is not one takes. If they call tomorrow and tell me to leave, I will. But again, today I have coached a great club and I would consider it a blessing to prepare the team for the game with Rubin. Still, everyone asks me about the last game in Spartak. But why does nobody ask for the first one ?! "

So it became clear that Raoul not only wants, but also believes he can stay at least for a while. But what can you give to "Spartacus"?


Some points in the Riancho code already outlined.

We have already heard about the return of Glushakov and Eshchenko.

Of his desire to use 4-3-3 tactics – too.

On the new motivation of the players in general he sang the entire press conference. The reserve in the form of Romana Eremenko.

"We have specifically released experienced players after the break – Eremenko himself did not play for two years, but at the start of the game we needed a player who could do a great deal of work and defend himself well, after all, the Rangers they have the best attacking player, the left-back, I think the plan worked, "said Riancho, and he was right, because the cool Eremenko showed how he would be able to change the game when he got the best shape.

So, given the return, the return of Hadrian, the progress of Eremenko, a new chance for Glushakov – the former assistant of the head coach really has the opportunity to cling to the dream. Furthermore, players usually quickly forget who trained them first.

And everything could go smoothly, only the realities of modern Spartak are different. After the game, the otpahavshaya team went to the stands and listened to the accusations in honor of Massimo carrera. Imagine that fans will take Riancho, who appeared from behind the idol and then started talking about what will now be a new, better atmosphere, it's simply impossible. It does not matter how much a man and a coach is, and it does not matter what results he got in the first few games.

Post Scriptum And the "Spartak" with the "Rangers" was really good. And today, for the first time in a long time, there was the feeling that the team has made progress in at least something. And players could be really proud. But the big question is, is Riancho?


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