Europe Abyss, Corpses of Corona Patients in This Country Piles Up Outside the Hospital


This time, Europe once again rocked by the wave of COVID-19. This caused cases in a number of countries there to soar rapidly, one of which was in Romania.

Since last October, Romania has been hit by the fourth wave of COVID-19. As a result, many Corona patients came and overwhelmed the hospitals there.

Even Corona patient’s body The dead also pile up in the hospital. The bodies were covered in black plastic bags.

“Incessantly,” said a nurse named Claudiu Lonita who was quoted from CNN, Wednesday (24/11/2021).

The rows of bodies of the Corona patients who died were in the morgue area at the University Hospital of Bucharest. The morgue only has a capacity to accommodate 15 people.

However, at that time the room was forced to accommodate as many as 41 bodies. There are still many more bodies that must be placed outside the hospital corridor, accompanied by family and relatives.

“I never thought, when I started this job I would face something like this. I never thought a disaster like this could happen, when we finally sent the whole family to their funeral (due to the COVID-19 pandemic),” explained Lonita.

The University Hospital of Bucharest is one of the largest hospitals in the Romanian capital to treat patients COVID-19. But, as a result of this fourth wave of attacks, almost all of the beds were filled.

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