EUROPE INFORMATION 1 – Julien Coupat contacted by DGSI in Paris – Europe 1


Julien Coupat was arrested Saturday morning, in the margin of act 4 of the "yellow jackets", according to information from militant website of the extreme left mondayam, which has always supported Julien Coupat in the case of Tarnac. According to our information, the former leader of the "Tarnac group" was arrested by the DGSI, which had been following him for several weeks, while driving in his car in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. It was delivered to the police station on the 20th.

The forty year old is one of about 1,000 arrests that the police has already carried out Saturday with demonstrations throughout France. At noon, during an earlier evaluation, the State Secretary of State for Interior Minister Laurent Nuñez announced that 29 leaders of the extreme right, ultra-left and radicalized fringe of "yellow jackets" had been stopped before Friday evening and this morning. suspected of "participation in a group formed to commit violence and degradation".

The DGSI "is not an error". "This is another mistake from intelligence services." The ISB had been following him for several weeks, convinced that the search for his vehicle would reveal a number of illegal items, I'm not a mistake, but it's extremely worrying since they are the same services that inform the executive, we better understand why they did not see the yellow wave happen, "replied his lawyer, Jeremy Assous, the microphone of Europa 1.

"It is funny" "He was taken into custody, since he had to justify this spectacular arrest: five vehicles, ten agents … It's funny, they stopped him saying he was part of a" grouping "while he was in his car with a friend, if now, being in his car with one of his friends and having a yellow vest in the trunk as required by European regulations, it is constitutive of an offense, it becomes very funny, it's all, especially " , continued the lawyer.


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