European Commission sues Apple over € 13 billion tax debt BNN

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The General Court of the EU has annulled the decision of the European Commission (EC) against Appleordering an American computer technology company to pay EUR 13 billion in unpaid taxes to its EU home country of Ireland, reports the German social media DW.

On Wednesday, July 15, the EU’s second highest court agreed Apple and the Irish Government’s joint appeal against the EC’s 2016 decision, in which the EU executive saw Ireland in its possession of a selective tax regime which, in the EC’s view, conferred an advantage over other companies.

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“The Commission erred when it announced that the companies Apple Sales International (ASI) a Apple Operations Europe (AOE) have been granted a selective economic advantage and therefore State aid, “the EU General Court stated in a press release, recognizing that Apple you do not have to pay a significant amount.

The EC now has two months to appeal the decision to the bloc’s highest court in the European Court of Justice. The EC has previously seen unauthorized state aid from other large US companies, such as Amazon, Starbucks a McDonald’s in action.

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