European elections: Merkel calls the debate on the "nonsense" of Kramp-Karrenbauer


Söder calls the SPD confession to GroKo – and is behind AKK

After the defeat for the CDU and SPD in the European elections, the head of the CSU Markus Söder gave a new impetus to the great coalition and a commitment of the SPD in the governmental alliance. The reputation of the government must increase further, said Söder before a CSU meeting in Munich. "If the image of a government increases, so is the reputation of the parties that support it."

Söder warned the SPD that he had constantly discussed a withdrawal from the coalition. "If the SPD constantly talks about not wanting it, it's not an approach," warned Söder. "Anyone who talks about a relationship that just wants to move will not create a harmonious marriage in the future." SPD must make a fundamental decision if it wants to satisfy the coalition of "inner passion" and not just work out, "Saving a Groko over time is wrong."

The president of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, has strengthened Söder by reinforcing his back in a demonstrative way. "I really appreciate it and work very well together. You should now give her time to continue her work," Söder said. Söder also pointed out that the CSU in the federal government is not aiming for a debate on the course with the CDU: "We will not teach the CDU under any circumstances, on the contrary, we are hiding".



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