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In fact, the package of measures should improve working conditions for Brummi's European drivers. But one thing is really wrong …

EU transport ministers decided Monday that drivers are not always allowed to sleep in their taxis. This is to encourage transporters to pay for accommodation for their drivers.

Austrian Transport Minister Norbert Hofer spoke at a press conference about an "absolute ban on cabin sleep". However, a spokeswoman made it clear that this was only for weekly rest, not for the night after a regular shift.

The regular weekly rest must be 45 consecutive hours. As a result, logistics companies face enormous costs that are passed on to consumers and many hotels are needed near highways.

In particular, the Western European countries have been complaining for some time that social transport and unfair competition prevailed in the transport sector. France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden joined forces with Germany last year to deal with it.

It was also criticized that sometimes drivers had to complete tour weeks without returning home. According to the Minister of Transport's decision, motorists are now allowed to travel to Europe for up to four weeks at a time.

Another key point of the Brummi package: equal pay should apply to equal work in the same place, said Austrian Transport Minister Norbert Hofer in Brussels. Austria currently holds the presidency of the member states of the EU. The decision is aimed at making wage dumping more difficult.

Measure against crowded rest areas

Overall, the living and working conditions of around two million drivers in Europe would improve, said Hofer. Complaints on crowded motorways are therefore also to be eliminated.

▶ ︎ Since there are too few truck parking spaces on German motorways, Brummi drivers also park at the entrances or on the side lanes of motorways. It often opens!

The amendments still need to be agreed with the European Parliament before they can enter into force.

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Photo: Olaf Rentsch

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The Brummis are densely packed in a motorway parking lotPhoto: Olaf Rentsch



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