European Night of Museums in Umbria: what you can visit with 1 euro

The European Night of Museums also returns to Umbria. The appointment is for Saturday 13 May when the state museums, but not only, will remain open in the evening to welcome visitors at the symbolic price of one euro. As per tradition, the European Night of Museums is accompanied by a series of initiatives, some of which require a ticket just over one euro. They range from guided tours to tastings to concerts. Below, Umbria24 tried to put the scheduled appointments in Umbria in order.

Perugia At the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, on Saturday 13 May, on the occasion of the European Night of Museums and in collaboration with the students of Giordano Bruno of Perugia, there will be a ‘walk through the Milky Way’, with a special for young and old, dedicated to the exhibition The Milky Way. Motherhood and childhood from Antiquity to the Bellucci Collection, created with the support of the Perugia Foundation. From 17 educational workshops for children aged 5-12: board games inspired by the game book The Milky Way. Guide Kids created by Grimm Twins and Maria Angela Turchetti and guided tour of the show. Reservation on 075 5727141 (Free workshop, ordinary ticketing). The Manu will be open on an extraordinary basis from 7.30pm to 10.30pm (last admission at 10pm) at the symbolic cost of €1, with guided tours at 7.30pm and, at night, at 9pm. Villa del Colle del Cardinale (Perugia), defying the weather forecast, is scheduled at 18.30 GemmAction, educational workshop for children dedicated to plants. In case of bad weather the activities will be hosted in the Limonia. The laboratory is free and can accommodate a maximum of 20 children, therefore booking is mandatory by email [email protected] or exclusively via whatsapp on 3319714326, indicating the names of the participants and accompanying persons. The monumental complex will then remain open from 7pm to 10pm (last admission at 9.30pm) at the symbolic cost of €1, with two guided tours: one at sunset at 7.30pm and one at night at 9.00pm.

Cars Have you ever visited #Carsulae at night? Saturday 13 May is your chance. The archaeological area will remain open until 10.30 pm and with an entrance ticket for 1 euro you can enter freely or attend a free guided tour. Info and reservations for the guided tour on 0744 333074.

Buffalo Castle On the occasion of the European Night of Museums, Castello Bufalini hosts a concert of Italian and international evergreens revisited in an acoustic key from 9 pm. Protagonists of the musical journey Cecilia Rossi (violin), Matteo Fiorini (acoustic guitar) and Alessandro Deledda (accordéon). Booking recommended, entrance ticket one euro (info: 075 856115 and [email protected])

Spoleto On the occasion of the European Night of Museums 2023 to be held on Saturday 13 May, the Rocca Albornoz and the National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto (last admission at 21:45), the Casa Romana and Palazzo Collicola will remain open on an extraordinary basis from 19.30 to 22.30 , an opportunity to visit the museum premises beyond the traditional opening hours, in a suggestive nocturnal setting and at the symbolic price of 1 euro. As for the Rocca Albornoz and the National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto at 21 is scheduled With the eyes of Lucrezia – La Rocca at the time of the Borgias, a suggestive guided tour organized by Sistema Museo. Participants will be guided on a journey back in time, when the faint light of fireworks and candles was the only source of illumination of the huge fortress, seat of the governors of Spoleto, among whom was Lucrezia Borgia. A unique experience to see one of the most important monuments of the city with new eyes. The participation fee for the guided tour is 5 euros (full price), 4 euros (reduced price) for Spoleto Card holders and those aged 7 to 17, while it is free for children under 6 (upon purchase of the museum entrance ticket at cost of 1 euro or Spoleto Card). For the guided tour, the appointment is at the Rocca Albornoz ticket office, booking is recommended subject to availability (Sistema Museo – 0743.224952). Collicola Palace it will instead be interested in a large program of initiatives dedicated to contemporary art and creativity. In addition to the opening of the exhibition spaces, it will be possible to attend the intervention of the INC innprogress collective company which, in collaboration with La Mama Umbria International, will present the dance performance fragments, for the choreography of Afshin Varjavandi and with the participation of the dancers Giorgia Aluigi, Chiara Morelli, Chiara Perretti, Emma Viceconti. The performance will enliven the halls of the museum several times during the evening. Space also for music, with Carlo Bonilli who will propose a double intervention: the sonorization of the room that houses the Wall Drawing by Sol LeWitt, on the ground floor, and a live performance on the second floor, in dialogue with the works of the permanent collection of contemporary art. Finally, a special guided tour of the Palazzo Collicola collection, entitled Fausto Melotti: music becomes sculpture, which will focus on the production of one of the most significant Italian artists of the 20th century starting from the work conserved in the Museum. Participation in the scheduled activities is free upon purchase of the museum entrance ticket. Entrance to Palazzo Collicola is allowed up to 30 minutes before closing. To the National Archaeological Museum of Spoleto opening at 17 of the exhibition Dacia Maraini. World travel with the same author who will converse on the theme of the exhibition together with the writer Lorenzo Pavolini. Expected, of course, the extraordinary opening of the museum from 20 to 23 at a cost of 1 euro.

Small temple on the Clitunno Extraordinary opening also for the Small temple on the Clitunno, from 19.30 to 22.30 at the symbolic cost of 1 euro. The evening’s program includes an experiential guided tour called The Tempietto in the moonlight by Sistema Museo. The initiative, aimed at young and old, breaks the traditional scheme of the guided tour by transforming it into a quiz that will guide the participants in the discovery of the peculiarities of the UNESCO monument, immersed in the fascinating atmosphere of the night light. Participation in the guided tour is free, upon purchase of the entrance ticket to the monument 1 euro. The guided tour is limited in number and booking is recommended subject to availability (0743.275085 [email protected]).

Hypogeum of the Volumni Saturday 13 May appointment at the Church of San Bevignate. From there, under the guidance of Dr. Luana Cenciaioli, we will walk along paths and old roads in the countryside, until we reach the Hypogeum of the Volumni where, accompanied by the staff led by Dr. Maria Angela Turchetti, we will visit the archaeological area and warehouses containing Etruscan finds.

Archaeological Museum of Orvieto On Saturday 13 May, at 8.30 pm, on the occasion of the European Night of Museums, the book by Giorgio Franchetti will be presented at the Orvieto National Archaeological At the table with the Etruscans. A journey to discover the Rasennas through their relationship with food (Ephaestus editions). The official Giorgio Rocca and the archaeo-chef Cristina Conte will talk about it together with the author. The initiative will be enriched by the early music of Pnamewith Gabriele Imperatori on auloi (double flutes) and Francesca Rossetti on the lyre. At the end it will be possible to taste Etruscan-style dishes prepared by Cristina Conte, who contributed to the volume in the section reserved for recipes. Admission at the symbolic cost of 1 euro, booking recommended: [email protected] or tel. 0763-341039

Ducal Palace in Gubbio Doors open at night also at Palazzo Ducale in Gubbio where, exceptionally, visitors will be welcomed from 7.30 to 10.30 pm with guided tours and tastings. Admission of course for 1 euro.

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