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Hundreds of spies in Brussels – A warning is given before entering some of the restaurants

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Russian and Chinese spies are increasingly active in Brussels

The internal security service of the European External Action Service warns against the spies in Brussels. In particular, Russian and Chinese intelligence services are increasingly active.

The "European capital" Brussels is apparently full of spies. Hundreds of Russian and Chinese agents have been installed there. A security service warned diplomats to enter some pubs in the neighborhood of the EU.

DThe internal security service of the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels has warned European diplomats and military officials against espionage by the Russian and Chinese secret services. According to the security service there are "about 250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies in the European capital", said the diplomats of the EU WELT with reference to information.

The diplomats said they also warned against entry into some EU districts, including a famous steakhouse and a cafe within walking distance of the European Commission's main building (Berlaymont) and the palace of the services of the EEAS.

According to the security service, in the past Russian agents were represented more frequently in the European capital. Concrete figures have not been mentioned in this context. According to internal security services, the Chinese and Russian intelligence agents work in Brussels mainly in the embassies or in the commercial representations of their countries of origin, and continued to study.

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In Brussels, it is also a secret of Pulcinella that attaches accompanying diplomats from third countries to receptions in embassies are often undercover agents. In addition to Russian and Chinese, in particular, American and Moroccan agents would be active in Brussels.

Spectacular is a case of espionage, which dates back more than 15 years: in 2003, in the European Council, the building of Justus Lipsius, where the heads of government and their ministers met, were found small spy boxes in the translation booths, which were activated from the outside could be. This is to intercept the discussions in the German, British, Spanish and French delegations. The United States and Israel were suspected, but there was no evidence.

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The journalists have published portrait photos of Alexander Mischkin, military doctor of the Russian secret service GRU

Meanwhile, China seems to increasingly expand its spying activities in Europe. Only a few days ago, the Lithuanian intelligence services reported in their annual report: "With the increase of China's economic and political ambitions in Lithuania and other NATO and EU countries, the activities of Chinese intelligence and security are becoming increasingly aggressive ".

The Chinese services have therefore tried to recruit Lithuanian citizens for espionage activities and influence the point of view of Lithuania on Tibetan and Taiwanese independence.

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