European Union. The "declaration of love" by Emmanuel Macron to Germany


Invited for a traditional tribute ceremony to the victims of all the wars in Berlin, the French president gave a speech before the Bundesrat. "France loves you", he assured, calling the Franco-German couple "Do not let the world slip into chaos".

The visit of Emmanuel Macron to Berlin had a small impact. Above all his words. It must be said that the French president praised his neighbor (ha "Flattered" the Germans, note the Suddeutsche Zeitung), not hesitating to mention Goethe ("And so, above the tombs!").

The French president was invited by Germany for an annual ceremony in honor of the dead of all wars. He told himself "Grateful", his guest has no obligation to welcome him. The country has defeated "Bloody demons of nationalism" and "I am proud that France played a role in this resurrection"said the head of state.

"Emmanuel Macron did not spend much time remembering the past on this day of mourning ", however, he writes Die Welt. In his speech to the Bundestag, he spoke for the first time about the future: "l & # 39; EEurope, and within it the Franco-German couple, is invested with the obligation not to let the world slip into chaos ", said the leader for whom a "Europe stronger and more sovereign" is required.

"l & # 39; EEurope as a factor in world politics! l & # 39; EEurope, the source of a just world order! A Europe with a common defense policy, a world currency, a mission against those who want to isolate themselves and let off steam in total rivalry! Come on, come on, let's go – this was Macron's real message ", the analysis Die Welt.

Mr Macron therefore invited the Franco-German couple to open "A new chapter" for Europe. "We owe it to all those who have worked for a Europe of peace in the last 70 years"he said, quoted by Die Zeit. Die Zeit which also includes the comments of Angela Merkel who evokes a speech "Impressive and beautiful".

There are still disagreements between the two powers, particularly on the creation of a European digital tax GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) that pay very few taxes on the Old Continent. "The French government accuses the federal government of slowing down the case"explains the Ausburger Allgemeine. "The Greens, the Left and the SPD to insist vehemently on a digital tax, because many citizens believe that the loss of profits due to their data is extremely unjust "The Berlin regional daily said that Berlin is afraid of American reprisals against German automakers.

Far from Berlin, the "yellow jackets"

If the comments of Emmanuel Macron have attracted everyone Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung asks however "Such as" to open the new chapter he is asking. "It wants European sovereignty, but national interests are not always consistent"remember the newspaper.

Der Spiegel focused on one other part of the speech. "France loves you"he assured the president of the Republic, returning to an anecdote involving a French soldier and a German soldier during the First World War. "He seemed to say nothing more until the last sentence (…) As head of state, he made Germany a declaration of love in the name of France. It was not about understanding, not about trust, not about solidarity, no, of love ", says the magazine.

The newspaper adds that simultaneous translation has spoken "Franco-German team" rather than "Torque". Now "A team can not love each other but a couple does", highlights Der Siegel. "France wants to share life with Germany, not just the market, France wants to share the budget, the army, the taxes, the universities", is running the publication installed in Hamburg.

It has not escaped the German media that in Berlin, Emmanuel Macron was far from the rage of yellow jackets at home, as General de Gaulle present at Baden-Baden in Paris in May 1968. FAZ in the French capital he tries another comparison, with Louis XVI in 1789. "The myth of the revolution keeps the country under its spell. The protest of the "yellow jackets" seems to reach every corner of the Republic ", he writes, suggesting that the lack of supervision by a party, a trade union or a religious movement makes it more difficult to express discontent. "Macron established himself a year and a half ago at the Elysee Palace, and now it becomes clear how difficult the path of political pacification will be"the journalist concludes.


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