Europeans: Hamon candidate, still hoping for an unlikely "unity"


The former presidential candidate Benoît Hamon announced Thursday that he would lead a "citizen" list for Europeans, not despairing six months from the elections to reach an agreement with other political forces in a very crumbling landscape on the left. .

"I feel a responsibility, I am, for many months, the most popular left (…) I will be a candidate to lead the fight on the front line, leading a city alliance," said Hamon Le Monde.

The former minister, who left the PS on 1 July 2017 after his catastrophic presidential elections (6.36%), wants to bring a humanist, social, ecological, European list.

"I am committed because I want the unity of the left and the political ecology", he explained during a meeting at the Winter Circus on Thursday evening, in front of about 2,000 supporters and the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, with which launched a "pan-European" approach in January.

In his speech a few days before a new day of demonstration of "yellow jackets", Hamon condemned "without reserve" the violence that "ruined" their movement, while inviting the State to "respond with respect" and not with grenades stunning "to rage.

For the former presidential candidate, the movement, which "can not be reduced to a" racist and homophobic horde ", is partly the result of the failure of the left, which" abandoned the real after giving up the ideal " .

He warned, however, against any political "resumption" of the movement. "The duty of the left is not to throw fuel on anger," he said in an allusion to unruly France.

From the start of the summer, Hamon sought to differentiate itself more from the Jean-Luc Mélenchon movement, particularly on the issue of migrants.

– "No choice" –

In Le Monde, Mr. Hamon, however, continues to reach other leftist political groups, while the lists abound in the political space between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Ecology Generation, Left Radicals, PS, PCF, EELV, REV (the Aymeric Caron's antispecies feast) and perhaps even Public Place, the party created by essayist Raphael Glucksmann.

"First, I want to build an alliance for the citizens, so we'll talk to political movements, communists, public places … I do not want to give the electors back to the martyrs of having to choose between different lists who think the same thing. , there will be a "unity of the left", says Hamon.

The former socialist signs the door of the PS instead. "The PSE supports, as a successor (to the President of the European Commission) Jean-Claude Juncker, (Vice-President) Frans Timmermans, who will defend the budget of the European Commission," he stresses.

As for EELV, the discussions have also stalled, as the ecologist has decided to play his own card.

A Generations framework does not despair of reaching an agreement with the PCF and Place Publique. "There is a natural convergence", he wants to believe.

All this hardly worries the Socialist Party. "Hamon has no choice, if he is not a candidate, his movement is dead He is obliged to save the furniture, but it will crash," says Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy of the Mayor of Paris PS, Anne Hidalgo.

The generations have been credited with 2.5% of voting intentions in a survey published on 7 November.


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