Europride in Belgrade: about thirty people stopped in accidents

It had to be a Europride confirming Serbia’s clear and clear orientation in defense of rights and diversity, in line with the European path of the Balkan country. But the demonstration promoted by the LGBT movement – the first Europride organized in a country in southeastern Europe – resulted in genuine chaos, both on the streets of Belgrade and on a political level, with an evident rift within the government. While, in fact, the Minister of the Interior, the pro-Russian hawk Aleksandar Vulin, had banned the rainbow march, together with the anti-gay counter-demonstration, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic – a declared lesbian and activist – gave the green light to the demonstration and the march, held moreover, under the escort of a huge device of police in riot gear, and with a diverted and shortened route for the thousands of participants. The premier, however, did not take part in the march having preferred, as she herself said, to be with the police, to give them support and to be sure that all the demonstrators were safe. In all this, the absence from the scene of President Aleksandar Vucic, the undisputed protagonist of every relevant event in the country, did not go unnoticed, but who preferred to step aside on Europride, confirming the lack of preference for the gay rights movement. Despite the rain and the autumn weather, therefore, a few thousand demonstrators gathered symbolically in the afternoon in front of the Constitutional Court – which in the past on several occasions has defined the prohibitions of Gay Pride as illegitimate – then moving in procession. While at various points in the city center groups of homophobic nationalists, supported by the Orthodox Church and kept at bay by the police, railed against homosexuals, displaying crosses, icons and religious cloths, the rainbow march was immediately diverted by massive lines of agents, who they directed her towards a shortened path to facilitate the arrival at the stadium of the Tasmajdan park, where the closing concert was. The march, marked by incidents, scuffles and dozens of violent counter-protesters, was attended, in addition to numerous demonstrators from abroad, including MEPs, the EU commissioner for Equal Opportunities, ambassadors from various countries, all in support of rights and diversity, to encourage Serbia’s European future

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