Eurostat: Latvia had lower annual inflation in July than EU and eurozone average – Financial news – Financenet

Annual inflation in Latvia, as in Luxembourg, was 0.1% in July. The highest inflation last month was in Hungary (3.9%), Poland (3.7%), the Czech Republic (3.6%), Romania (2.5%), Slovakia and Austria (both 1.8%), Belgium (1.7%) and the Netherlands (1.6%).

In July, compared to the seventh month of 2019, inflation was registered in 18 EU member states. In France and Lithuania, consumer prices rose by 0.9% over the year, in Italy by 0.8%, in Malta, Finland and Sweden by 0.7%, and in Bulgaria and Denmark by 0.4%.

In Germany, consumer prices remained unchanged in July on an annual basis, but fell by 0.1% in Portugal, 0.3% in Slovenia, 0.6% in Ireland and Croatia, 0.7% in Spain and 1% in Estonia. 3%, 2% in Cyprus and 2.1% in Greece.

The average annual inflation in the EU was 0.9% in July, while in the euro area it was 0.4%.

Compared to the previous month – June – consumer prices in July in the EU decreased by 0.2%, but in the euro area – by 0.4%.

Compared to June, consumer prices in Latvia increased by 0.3% in July, in Estonia they remained unchanged on a monthly basis, but in Lithuania they decreased by 0.3%. The highest monthly inflation was in Hungary (1.2%), while the highest monthly deflation was recorded in Portugal (-2%).


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