Eva continues to feel the breast that she no longer has: "Nobody told me what could happen, and I thought it was a figment of my imagination."

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It was the end of 2022, Christmas was approaching, and Eva Martin62 years old, went to see her gynecologist because There was a lump in her right breast.. “And that’s where it all started,” says the patient. After many tests, the diagnosis of breast cancer arrived at the end of January 2023.

The biopsy results confirmed that the lump she had noticed was a malignant tumor. “I remember that the gynecologist was very sensitive and explained to me in detail what the operation consisted of, he told me that it was necessary to remove the entire breastbecause it was in several areas,” says the patient.

What Eva did not know is that, although they were going to remove her breast, Some time later I was going to feel it with her again.. He had received psychological support even before the operation, but no one informed him about one of the Possible effects after postmastectomy. “On the day of the operation I was very nervous, and I think that until then I was not really aware of what it would mean to lose my breast. The operation went very well and the postoperative period was very, very painful.”

Some time had passed since her mastectomy, and Eva He began to feel his chest, the right one, the one that no longer had. She did not understand what was happening to her, no specialist had told her that this could happen, nor had she heard it from other patients.

Eva does not know exactly when that sensation began to appear, but what she is sure of is that it was when “the terrible postoperative pain” began to disappear. “It was from time to time, when dressing, when putting on a jacket, I noticed it there, but it was obviously not there. this is a very strange sensation“.

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