Eva Pavlová is touching with the story of Micky’s fate: This is the first cat of the Czech Republic


Eva Pavlova and Petr Pavel

Eva Pavlova and Petr Pavel

The new first lady Eva Pavlova is loved by fans of the presidential couple mainly because of her modesty and humanity. Pavlova brought several symbols to the presidential campaign, talismans included a cat named Micka or a plush elephant for good luck.

The Pavlov family’s pet appeared in more than one campaign post. The newly elected president often showed how he was cuddling with the cat, it was clear that they liked each other very much.

Life saving

Micka, nicknamed the first cat, did not have an easy fate. Eva Pavlova described on her Instagram how she got into their family. The spotted cat was most likely a stray animal. If it weren’t for the Pavlovs and their dog, who sniffed out the cat in a snowdrift, she probably wouldn’t have lived long ago. “I’m glad my canine partner Bob sniffed me out in a snowdrift 10 years ago. It was December, it was freezing, and thanks to him and the lady, I got food and warmth,” Pavlová described the story in Micky’s words. The cat probably wandered around for a long time in the cold weather, it lost a piece of its tail due to the cold.

The first cat in the Castle

The Pavlovs liked Mick so much that they took her abroad with them. The cat lived with them in Brussels, where Pavel held one of the high posts. At the end of her post, the first lady reflected on what will happen to their beloved pet after her husband becomes president. “Now I’m curious where I will have my bed and if someone will let me out to hunt mice.” The presence of a cat at Prague Castle is not standard, but those around Pavel believe that it will be possible to enforce it, as Pavla Nýdrle, the head of his election campaign, revealed to iDNES. Micka earned a lot of fans during the election campaign. At one event in support of Peter Pavel, a banner with the words “Micka na Hrad” even appeared.

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