Eva Polna turned to the fans


An entire day has passed since the hospitalization of Eva Polna and Denis Klyaver's 14-year-old daughter. Fans all this time have attacked the social networks of artists with Evelyn's suggestions and wishes to improve soon. And if the former soloist of the band's guests from the future didn't want to talk to the press all this time, the public relations director of the former lead singer of the Tea Two group confirmed the child's hospitalization.

A few hours later, Eva Polna also got in touch with the fans. "There are moments in life that basically require silence. They are not about anyone. A man lives them alone with himself and his family", – appealed to the public, carefully closing the opportunity to comment on the message.

The singer has decided to clarify the situation in order to interrupt the flow of rumors and gossip. "I want to inform you that my daughter's health has stabilized. She is under the supervision of doctors," added Polna.

He thanked everyone for their support and the girl's father, Denis Klyaver, re-released the artist's appeal on his blog. The singer also added it the worst is left behind.

Eva Polna talked about her daughter's status

Denis Klyaver and Eva Polna have hidden for several years to have a common child. Only in 2010, Denis spoke about his illegitimate daughter. She adopted when she was three years old.

By the way, Polna still avoids talking about relations with Denis Klyaver. In rare interviews he called the musician an exemplary and loving father who supports his daughter in everything. "A good Jewish father who pays attention to all his children. He talks to Evelyn, takes care of his daughter. He doesn't just visit his museum or restaurant like all the" Sunday fathers ", but he behaves just like daddy ", admitted the artist.

In addition to Evelyn, Cleaver has two children from her second and third marriage. – Timothy, 19, and Daniel, six. Eva Polna was not officially married. In addition to Evelyn, a 12-year-old daughter, Amalia, is growing up who gave birth in a relationship with business man Sergei Pilgun.



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