Evan Rachel Wood responds to Kanye who greets Marilyn Manson with a blanket

Kanye West accommodation Marilyn Manson The recent “Donda” event prompted a reaction from one of the latter’s most prominent accusers… Evan Rachel WoodHe got a response in the song.

The actress hit the Hollywood Bourbon Room on Saturday night, where she took the stage and gave a New Radicals impromptu performance “You Give What You Get”… with a guitarist and an iPhone in hand to help her out.

It’s pretty clear who the ERW dedicated the song to, as the commentary on it referred to “survivors” who I thought had been betrayed this week – of course, in relation to Manson.

She writes: “For the other survivors who were slapped in the face this week. I love you. Do not give up.” Evan also said she keeps this blanket on and thinks Saturday is the time to let it tear.

Everything comes on Kanye’s heels Third listening program In Chicago this week – where he just didn’t Manson Come hang out, most dababy And also… The two have been embroiled in controversy lately. Manson, however, is on another level … he accuser rape and sexual assault by several women – which he vehemently denied.

However, it was a strange move on Yi’s part to eliminate these two men – not to mention the fact that distinguish them on one of its tracks. DB and MM are in ”Prison, Pt. 2“. Some reports say Kanye only did it for shocking value and pre-release publicity … which, if true, makes no sense.

Either way, we know how Evan feels about it all… and she seems to think you’ll reap what he sows.

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