Ève Landry shares all the photos of her evening to celebrate 10 years with her boyfriend

Ève Landry is one of the most popular actresses throughout Quebec. His significant roles are numerous and his talent is recognized throughout the province and even in Europe.

Despite all this popularity, Ève still remains discreet about her private life with her boyfriend and her children… And that’s fine!

She made an exception to the rule in the last hours as she and her husband Jérémie Lemieux celebrated a very important event for their couple… Their 10th anniversary!

Indeed, Ève and Jérémie have been in a relationship for 10 years now and they had two children together in the last few years.

To celebrate this great moment in the history of their couple, Ève and Jérémie made it big during an evening without the children in downtown Montreal.

(The rest of the article and all the photos can be seen below)

The two went to eat at the renowned Le Mousso restaurant located on Ontario East Street in Montreal.

The place is recognized as one of the best tables in Montreal so it was exactly the kind of restaurant to celebrate such an important event and spoil yourself.

Ève shared all the photos of the evening and we can say that she and Jérémie were really dressed up! Both are chic and really shine… It’s beautiful to see! What about Eve in photo #2… Wow!

You can also see a photo of the $250 menu in photo #3… And also the photo of Jérémie the day after the famous dinner!

All the photos are to be seen below by moving with the arrows:

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1Ève Landry spouse Jérémie Lemieux

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