Even Esteban Paredes joked after Piñera’s attempt to save a penalty

This Wednesday, President Sebastián Piñera officially announced the return of professional men’s soccer in Chile, commanding an event at the National Stadium. At the end, he wanted to get under the three sticks to stop a penalty, but did not have very good results, filling himself with jokes, memes and even jokes from Esteban Paredes.

President Sebastián Piñera was the target of several memes and jokes, after his attempt to save a penalty, getting under the three poles of the south arch of the National Stadium.

Everything happened after the official act where it was announced that this Saturday, August 29, Chilean professional football returns, with the pending duels, to later resume Date 9 with the Superclásico between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile.

The president had no luck stopping the shots, receiving jokes even from Esteban Paredes. “It is not very good looks like the bow. And to define either”, He said amid the laughter of those present.

In networks, meanwhile, the criminal sequence served to create many memes:


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