Even experienced observers are surprised: the Wizz Air plane is just a few meters above the heads of tourists

The dramatic landing video was uploaded last week by an airplane enthusiast who watched the planes land on the Greek island of Skiathos.

Skiat Airport’s runway, which is just one mile long and only a few meters from the sea, is extremely short due to the island’s geography, so pilots have to land much lower than other runways.

But even seasoned plane spotters seemed shocked when “Airbus“The plane crashed into the runway and almost hit the perimeter fence of the airport.

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As the Airbus A321neo operated by Wizz Air approached, it quickly became clear to spectators that the pilot was landing at low altitude, and one spectator even moved out of the way.

At the beginning of the video, a plane can be seen flying in the distance over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean towards Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport.

Several people are shown gathered on the beach and on the road that runs along the narrow strip of land between the sea and the runway.

However, as the Airbus A321neo, operated by Wizz Air, approaches, the pilot can be seen flying it at low altitude. One of the spectators even starts to move out of the way, hoping for a low landing.

Others are heard shouting in amazement over the roar of the engines as the jet descends until it is just meters above the plane spotters’ heads, and even wobbles slightly as it prepares to land.

As the plane narrowly passes the perimeter fence, it is so low that it sends dust and sand into the air, leaving one man, who can be seen in the video scowling, his hair blown off.

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Another angle, filmed by the second camera, shows how the gust caused by the jet plane disturbs people’s clothes. One young girl even falls on her back, swept away by the force of the current, and the woman loses her hat.

The plane’s wheels touch the tarmac, and the pilot successfully lands the plane on the Isle of Skiat.

From another angle, a separate camera shows people’s clothes being blown away by the jet’s gust. One young girl even falls flat on her back, knocked off her feet by the force of the jet, and the woman loses her hat.

Even experienced observers are surprised: the Wizz Air plane is just a few meters above the heads of tourists

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One aviation enthusiast, commenting under a video he posted on August 5 In a YouTube post, GreatFlyer explained why it was necessary to descend so low in these conditions. “High temperatures and a very short runway require a deep landing to maximize the use of the landing runway,” he wrote. “Low-cost airlines are short-lived, if you overheat the brakes, you’ll mess up the plane’s schedule.”

One person joked: “How many of the audience do you think needed a new pair of trousers?” Another joked: “Powerful hair dryer isn’t it?!”

Netizens applauded GreatFlyer for keeping his cool and capturing the low landing from so many angles.

“It was absolutely crazy! Amazingly captured mate, great job!” wrote one person.

“Awesome capture and thanks for the many angles, exactly what I wanted to see as an aviation geek!” Great,” said another.

One commentator countered that the landing was careless and that the pilot may have deliberately approached at low altitude to show off to the crowd.

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The airport’s runway is located in the northeast of the island of Skiathos and is located between two hills that surround the tarmac.

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