Even in Lombardy, drinking water is contaminated by PFAS

Our survey reveals new sites contaminated by PFAS in Italy, eternal pollutants dangerous for the environment and people

Also in Lombard waters intended for human consumption contain PFAS (poly and perfluoroalkyl compounds), artificial chemicalshighly persistent and associated with numerous health problems, including some forms of cancer. Our investigation revealed itmany thanks requests for access to documents (FOIA) addressed to all ATS (Health Protection Agency) and garlic bodies managing drinking water in Lombardy. Out of about 4 thousand samples analysed by the relevant bodies between 2018 and 2022, approximately 19% of the total (equal to 738 samples) tested positive for the presence of PFAS.

There are cases where the contamination it is at the level of catchment water and others where it is specified that it is water introduced into the post-treatment network; Unfortunately, in most cases, the bodies did not specify when the samples referred to well water and when to that which comes out of the tap at home. Furthermore, pollution is likely to be greatly underestimated if one considers that the analyzes conducted so far are partial and non-capillary.

Data in the various Lombard provinces

The provinces with the highest percentage of contaminated samples they were in order:

  • Lodiwith 84.8% positive for the presence of PFAS;
  • Bergamo and Comorespectively with 60.6% and 41.2%.
  • Milanocon a fifth of the analyzes positive. However, in absolute terms, the province of Milanwhere the highest number of analyzes carried out is recorded, holds the dubious distinction of having the largest number of samples in which PFAS were detected (ben 201);
  • Bresciawith 149 positive samples.
  • Bergamowith 129 positive samples.

You can consult the results of the investigations made in the Lombard municipalities by public bodies on ours online map.

The map allows you to check how many water samples a potable use they do not comply with the more conservative limit values ​​in force or proposed in other countries such as Denmark or the United States. Observing the results, it can be seen that FrLombardy’s water art would be considered undrinkable according to the new parameters proposed in the United States (il 13,1%) or those in force in Denmark (il 13,4%).

The data in Milan and in the Lombard cities

As for the cities, they emerge particular critical issues in the municipalities of Crema (CR), Crepiatica (LO), New Pontirolo (BG), Warm up (MI) and in the area of ​​Cantù-Mariano Comense (CO).

Disturbing results have finally emerged in the city of Milanwhere almost one out of three samples was found to be contaminated. For this reason, we will soon publish an in-depth analysis of the situation in Milan, with a mapping of the most contaminated areasdetails on the districts of the Lombard capital and the respective concentrations of PFAS.

Our request #ZeroPFAS

The survey conducted in Lombardy reveals the existence of aenvironmental and health emergency out of control that local and national authorities continue to underestimate, although it is clear that the PFAS contamination involves thousands of people, often unknowingly exposed to the risk.

We ask the Lombardy Region to identify all polluting sourcesin order to stop the pollution at the origin and convert the industrial productions that still use these substances. It is also necessary to launch a regional monitoring plan on the presence of PFAS in drinking water, making the results of the analyzes available to the communityand guarantee the right of citizens to have clean and uncontaminated water.

Although alarming, the contaminations found in Lombardy are almost everywhere far lower than those recorded in Veneto in 2013. The PFAS emergency requires a national response in Italy.

Because of this, we ask the government, Parliament and the competent ministries to assume their responsibilities by quickly approving a law that prohibits the use and production of all PFAS throughout Italytogether with the adoption of adequate reclamation measures and the identification of those responsible for the pollution.

You can join our appeal by signing the petition HERE.

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2023-05-18 13:06:19

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