Even more rumors about the new Nintendo Switch: OLED screen and 4K

Rumors have been circulating for months about the new Nintendo Switch, which fans often call the Switch ‘Pro’. Slowly, new ‘leaks’ about the beloved Japanese console are floating to the surface, though Nintendo for the time being the lips are tight together.

An OLED screen: The Switch ‘Pro’ would get a hefty screen upgrade using flinterdunne OLED chips. Press agency Bloomberg was able to receive this promising information at the end of March to steal. Nintendo did not comment on the leaks.

  • The Switch itself would be equipped with a 7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 720p.
  • This would drive the cost of the new Switch to almost 400 euros.
  • The console could display images in 4K on the television screen.

Nvidia chip with AI technology: The new Nintendo Switch could present better visuals thanks to the use of a chip supplied by Nvidia. That chip could display a higher quality of graphics even more smoothly on the screen of the Switch via AI.

  • This is DLSS technology from Nvidia, or ‘Deep Learning Super Sampling’. This is one of the newest ways to efficiently render complex high-definition graphics through AI analysis.
  • There are currently no games that support DLSS tech. So this is more of a feature for future games.
  • Furthermore, a better CPU and a boosted memory are added to the new chipset.

Pioneer for AI rendering: Developers are working hard to implement DLSS tech in their games. This appears to be difficult for the time being, because direct cooperation with Nvidia is required for the development. Epic Games, the studio behind the paradigm-shifting ‘Battle Royale’ classic Fortnite, recently started using ‘game engine’ Unreal Engine, which would allow the free use of DLSS.

Expected release date: The first Switch came out on March 3, 2017. The Switch was therefore allowed to blow out four candles this year. Most fans expect Nintendo to release the Switch ‘Pro’ this year. We still have to wait for an official report from Nintendo. (am)

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